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  • Leading organization with a clear focus on the client-side of the industry
  • Offering diversified solutions focused on intelligence for global business
  • Delivering solutions for top executives, mid-level managers and everyone in between
  • Executive team is comprised of industry veterans and business leaders
Client Side News
CSN is a client-focused organization that leverages intelligence to drive Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation, and Interpretation industry solutions. As a champion for client issues, CSN creates a common forum for sharing solutions and unifying goals, through our Events, Publications, Education, Reports, Mentoring, and Technology divisions.
The Executive Team
"The CSN Executive team is comprised of dynamic individuals who bring diversity through international backgrounds, education, and values. The team is motivated by a desire to serve and make meaningful contributions to the industry they're passionate about. This group of industry veterans and business leaders have come together to give the clients a voice in shaping the future of this industry —with their eyes on the horizon and their feet on the ground."
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