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Letter to Advertisers
At a time when industry has seen consolidation and turmoil, I am proud to offer you a stable market leader owned by a group of globalization industry veterans and business leaders. ClientSide News is the monthly magazine serving its sector —Globalization Industry Executives— and will deliver objective editorials to an ever-growing readership base.

Every month provides our advertisers a unique opportunity in this industry to touch their market more directly than any other single magazine offers. We are the clear choice for advertisers that seek to reach a consistent circulation through a publication they know and respect. This means your message is affiliated with a solid, ongoing product that can deliver the consistency that effective advertising campaigns demand—and that most effectively utilizes your advertising dollars.

We believe there is no better time to invest in this business. So watch us in the years to come. We will expand our franchise through newsletters, conferences and other valuable services. We’re going to refine and grow our circulation to provide advertisers even more value for their money. We’re going to expand our custom publishing offerings to allow advertisers a greater variety of options to reach their audience and deliver their message. and we’ll continue to go where the industry does, conferences and trade shows around the world, to be sure advertising in our magazine provides maximum leverage for any products or services company.

Now, more than ever, there is an immediate need for a strong global intelligence magazine to promote globalization from the top down. There is a greater need than ever for a magazine that spans the industry from the client perspective. Only Client Side News offers this and CSN will continue to grow, despite the challenges to come.



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