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Localization Certification Program Courseware CDs
"Before taking the Localization Certification Program I looked around and this course is the best one I found regarding internationalization and localization" - Iván Arredondo-Castro, Software Engineer, Healthcare Services Group, WebMD Health.

This first-of-its-kind Internationalization, Localization and Global Ecommerce Certification Program was designed for busy professionals that cannot attend live classroom training. This complete and practical courseware on CDs offers more than 8 hours of training, 212 slides, detailed narration and extensive written commentary that cover the same topics presented in the live training programs for a fraction of the price. All courseware is in a multimedia format, with audio, graphics, slides, and a lot of content in 2 CDs. This program has been used by leading technology companies such as PalmSource, Medical GE, WebMD and many universities. See a list of academia customers below. Also the US Library of Congress has recently acquired the certification program on CD.
The Localization Certification courseware has been developed as a progression from basics to more advanced level so that anyone new to the topics presented in the courseware can easily come up to speed. After you complete all of the 10 courseware units on the CDs you will receive a Certificate in Localization. There is no time limit to become a Certified Localizer and your progress will be monitored directly from the online instructor and developer of the Localization Certification Program.

Software Developers, Testers, IT staff, Webmasters, Documentation Managers, Technical Writers, Marketing, Sales, Business Development professionals as well as Linguists, Translators, Interpreters already working in the field, will benefit from starting with the most fundamental concepts and practices that apply to the new technologies, web environments and e-commerce business models, then move onto the more complex material.

This courseware covers all of the Internationalization issues independently from the platform, operating system, and programming language you use. If you are a developer, first you'll learn about all of the internationalization issues, then you'll learn what the good coding practices are, finally you'll see how these issues get supported or not supported by the different Operating Systems. Programmers will find many technical examples of function calls and APIs.

Localization Certification Program Courseware CDs Table Of Contents:
01 - Benefits of I18N and What It Involves
Summary: Learn what Internationalization and Localization processes are, what they entail and what benefits organizations can derive from implementing them in their existing business model. Topics include: Opportunity Costs,

02 - What's So Special about Translating Software
Summary: You will learn what it is about translating software that is so different and unique in comparison to translating documentation, emails or web pages. Topics include: I18N, L10N, G11N.

03 - Writing Systems
Summary: Learn about languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi and other complex writing systems. You will learn what a writing system is, what types are used around the world, their characteristics and what implications they have on software development and testing. Topics include: Globalization, Defining Writing Systems, Roman, Middle-East and Eastern Writing Systems, Comparing Languages, Writing Systems' Representation, Writing Systems and Software.

04 - Internationalization Issues
Summary: Learn what Internationalization issues to consider when developing software for an International audience so that you can architect a base product that supports all your markets, thus avoiding costly product's retrofitting every time you go international. Topics include: Character Support, Sorting, Collating, Case Conversion, Syllables and Hyphenation, Text Manipulation, Text Expansion, Locale Specifications, Address Formats, Telephone/Fax Formats, Currency Notations, Numeric Notations, Numerical Quantities, Measurement Scales, Arithmetic Operations, Date Formats, Time and Time Zones, Email Formats, Calendars, Other Environments (Network, Handhelds, Databases), Program and File Organization, Cultures, Human-Computer Interaction.

05 - Localization Issues
Summary: Learn what localization issues are and how to resolve them depending on the specifics of your international markets. Topics include: L10N, Components To Localize, Documentation and Its Components, Overlap With Software, More Than Translation Issues, Localizing the Documentation, Writing For International Audiences, Learning Styles Around The World, L10N Documentation Process And Tasks.

06 - Multimedia Internationalization
Summary: Multimedia adds a new dimension and challenge to the localization process. Learn what it involves and the skills required to develop multimedia products. Topics include: Multimedia-Specific Localization Issues and Requirements, Speech Dimension, Time Dimension, Cultural Differences.

07 - SW Development Guidelines
Summary: Learn what to do and not do when developing software for users outside of your local marketplace, from a design, coding and user interface prospective. Topics include: Dos and Don'ts In SW Development For All Platforms and Operating Systems, Examples In Windows 95, 98, NT and also Windows 2000.

08 - International Quality Assurance
Summary: Learn how to develop a test plan and test suites for your international markets. Topics include: What To Do When Testing Software For Int'l Users, How To Localize A Test Plan, How To Test I18N Support, Guidelines.

09 - Localization Tools
Summary: Learn about tools to facilitate and automate some of the tasks of designing, developing, testing and maintaining software, including websites, for an international audience. Topics include: Computer Automatic Translation and Machine Translation, Principal Functions, Categorization, Process Phases, I18N Process Tools, L10N Process Tools, Localization Tool Kits, Translation Process Tools, Glossary, Web Translation and Localization Tools.

10 - Localization Business Aspect
Summary: Learn how to prepare a business plan to go international, how to calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) for international markets, how to develop selection criteria to find partners and localization vendors that best meet your specific organization's objectives and establish a successful long- term business relationship. Topics include: Preparing A Business Case, Localization Matrix, Localization Levels, Localization ROI, Cost Considerations and Graph, Localization Vendors and Selection, Comparing Vendors' Bids, Bids Comparison Template, One or Many Vendors' Model, Translation Quality, Vendors' Relationship, Localization Strategies, Examples From Industry's Leading Companies.


Academia Courseware Customers:

  • The Engineering Division of Fundacao de Ensino e Engenharia de Santa Catarina, Forianopolis Brazil
  • The University of Limerick in Ireland
  • The University of San Jose, California USA
  • The University of Hawaii, USA
  • The School of Translation Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Université Paris Centre de Recherche DMSP de Paris, France.

Price: US $399.95 Non-Member
Price: US $329.95 Member


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