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CSN Invitational™


What is the CSN Invitational?

The CSN Invitational™ is a new breed of GILT Industry event. It isn’t a conference, it isn’t a workshop, it isn’t a roundtable—It is a new form of collaborative environment that seeks to meet the REAL needs of those attending these types of traditional events. At the same time it deviates from the traditional format to deliver the value everyone seeks.

CSN has spent the last several months with its steering committee deconstructing the customary events in our industry to define exactly why people attend industry events, what they really hope to gain from these events and what the value of such events should be to attendees.

We wanted to create a new kind of event that brings together like-minded GILT professionals, and one that truly delivers.

Imagine a small group of GILT professionals –peers in their respective job roles– getting together to define exactly what they want and need from an event. This event will define the issues each is having, the solutions they seek and the deliverables that will help them excel in their efforts back at the office, all the while building valuable peer relationships that will benefit them in many ways in the future. That is this event.





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