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The following featured reports are provided by:
"How to Avoid Getting Lost in Translation."
How buyers buy and sellers sell language services for global-ready websites and products seems broken to us. In this report we touch base with practitioners to find out how they buy translation – and offer them advice on how to do it better. —Report 1 **Coming Soon**
"Design Practices for Global Gateways."
Globalizing your website and not sure where to start? The first of our Global DataSet™ reports reviews the international entry points of 400 websites in 16 countries. —Report 2
"Rage Against the Content Management Machine."
Satisfied with your CMS? Using GMS? Not many people are. Learn from other companies that have built multilingual websites with and without CMS.
—Report 3
"Beggars at the Globalization Banquet"
Do you measure ROI? If you do, you're in the minority. "Beggars at the Globalization Banquet" explores the decision-making processes, costs, and procedures used to establish a return on localization investment. —Report 4
"The Greatest Localization Show on Earth?"
Want to know which conference is best? Don't waste money on events that won't satisfy your desire for networking and information exchange. "The Greatest Localization Show on Earth?" summarizes the opinions of 290 industry professionals on both the client and vendor side, reports what they consider to the best and worst conferences, and provides recommendations to attendees and organizers alike. —Report 5

"Wages of Translation"

How much should we pay our sales reps? Service providers anguish over the right mix of base, bonus, and accelerators. In the "Wages of Translation" we report on the results of a survey and analysis of best practices for paying the people whose work pays the bills. —Report 6
"Where the Translation Money Is"
SIC transit gloria money. "Where the Translation Money Is" is an extensive analysis of the translation and localization market in the United States, categorized by major exporting sector and individual Standard Industrial Classifcation (SIC) code. —Report 7
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