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ClientSide News started out as an e-magazine publishing content for the buyers and decision makers of the client-side of the localization industry. Throughout the six months the magazine was published, our readership and online traffic grew at about 300% per month. At that point the executive team decided to develop an extended business plan and identify all the areas that CSN added value to the industry.

We carried out in-depth industry analysis, buyer behavior analysis, customer and industry experts interviews to assess the services that CSN could offer, and the areas we could add value. As ClientSide News began to take shape, we looked on how to bring the company forward and decided that the best place to start was with the first event, the Globalization and Technology ROI Expo 2003. The response to the event was overwhelming and it became a springboard to move into publishing followed by all the extended services which include reports, mentoring, technology, and education.
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