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ClientSide Mentoring
—Chief Globalization Officer Board is now accepting inquiries
—Operationalizing our research for you and your company
—CSN Advisory Service gives you and your company access to CSN Analysts and experts
ClientSide Mentoring
ClientSide Mentoring is the "full service" element of CSN that involves facilitation, guidance, coaching and implementation assistance. It consists of several key elements:
CGO Board - The Chief Globalization Officer board is a council of 30 handpicked key globalization leaders in the most progressive companies around the world. These leaders will meet once per year in a one-day forum. Discussions, facilitated by CSN, will explore sharing best practices in strategy and implementation, GIL process innovations, as well as emerging issues and opportunities.
Advisory Services - CSN staff is available for personal consultation and discussion of CSN Reports for those who sign up for this subscription service. A subscription gives you and your company access to CSN Analysts and experts for one hour per month. Participants in this program also have the ability to submit recommendations for future CSN research reports.
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