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ClientSide News - Article Submission Guidelines
Writer's Guidelines For Submitting Feature Articles
The purpose of ClientSide News feature articles is to examine current trends, applications, technologies, and issues affecting the Globalization, Internationalization and Localization industry from a client-side perspective. Please remember, all the work you submit will be appropriately attributed (i.e. stories have bylines; photos have credits), and will become the property of Client Side News. Here are the requirements for submitting feature articles:
  • Abstracts: If you would like to reserve a particular feature topic, you must first submit an abstract to be reviewed by the editorial staff. The abstract can be in the form of one or two short paragraphs, or a one-page outline. Whatever the form, your abstract must include pertinent information about your story. Ask yourself: What is the topic/subject matter? Is my story of value the buyers and decision makers on the client-side of the Globalization, Internationalization and Localization industry? What is the impact for our readers?
  • Lead Time: For features, we ask that abstracts be sent AT LEAST one month prior to the publication month. For example, if you are interested in submitting articles for a November issue, then abstracts should be received no later than October 1.
  • Approval: You will be notified once the abstract is approved. Upon approval, the article is reserved for your company/organization and is no longer on the availability list. At this time you can begin work on the story. The final copy of the article and all pieces of accompanying artwork are due approximately eight weeks before the month of publication.
  • Editing/Placement: all materials that you submit are subject to editing to fit our magazine's editorial style. If there are any major changes that may skew the focus of the article, you may or may not have a chance to review our marks. Though we may have accepted and edited the article, it may be held for publication at a much later date. This is due to space requirements or other special reports based on our editorial calendar.
  • Materials: Major articles should be about 2,000 to 3,000 words in length. Keep in mind, this is only a guideline; article lengths can vary between or within issues. Each feature includes about three to five elements of artwork, which can include color photos, line drawings, diagrams, tables, etc. Artwork can be submitted in the following formats: TIFF, EPS, Bitmap, JPEG, PDF.
A Word about Style
Client Side News audience consists of globalization industry professionals interested in business issues related to client operations. To that extent, please write in a clear, professional style; stay objectively focused and avoid any language that can be perceived as promotion for your company, organization, or product. Try to mention your products only as part of a general discussion of the technology it utilizes. Thank you.
Editorial Guidelines For Submitting Materials
The following guidelines pertain to any materials you are planning to send us for publication in our magazine. This includes materials for feature articles, press releases, letters to the editor, abstracts, and advertisements. Please follow these guidelines carefully to ensure that deadlines are met and the best possible quality is achieved.
Submitting Text
  • Text files submitted in MS Word should be saved as "text only" or as a Word Document to show bolds, underlines, and other formatting that is needed.
  • "Text only" documents should be accompanied by copies to show formatting (i.e. bolds, underlines, italics, etc.).
  • Please name each text file clearly.
  • E-mailed files can be sent to
  • For press releases and short articles, it is best to include the text in the e-mail message, rather than sending it as an attachment.
Production-Ready Material
Production-ready material includes advertising copy or images. Please follow the guideliens in the CSN Media kit. For a copy, please send an email to:
For questions or further details about publication production standards, please contact our office at (303) 800-5586.
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