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This is a powerful 1 day educational workshop covering 3 areas of communication that will help your marketing and sales team truly understand how to effectively communicate with your target customer base — Buyers and decision makers on the client side of the globalization internationalization and localization industry.
Who should attend: Sales and Marketing Professionals selling Globalization, Internationalization and Localization services.
Workshop Outline:
Market Segmentation: This session will delve deeply into market segmentation and understanding where each client segment resides in the localization food chain. There will be a discussion on how to find your company's sweet spot and target the ripest market segment for your company. This session will cover:
  • Developing an accurate market segmentation chart
  • Analysis of this chart and how to identify customer segments based on segmentation
  • How to understand where your company should be targeting based on this segmentation
Messaging: Customer confusion is at an all time high. Our industry has found itself swimming in alphabet soup, "-tion" syndrome, and confusing nomenclature when communicating with the customers. This session will explore:
  • Failures in messaging
  • Successes in messaging
  • How to draw customers closer to purchasing
  • Lead generation tools that work
  • The number 1 issue to overcome

Client Decision Maker Matrix - This 2 hour session will:

  • Map out each type of decision maker within a client organization
  • Outline the messaging and approach needed to communicate effectively with each type of decision maker
  • Outline a buyer behavior analysis on each level of decision maker within a sales matrix
  • Help you understanding the decision maker thought process and overcome objections at each level
  • Help you to tie your company's benefits, features and payoffs to effectively connect with each decision maker at the right level.
This session will help you to tie in your USP (unique selling proposition) to your strengths, features, benefits, and payoffs when messaging to each group, and effectively overcome objections at each level.
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